Saturday, March 9, 2013

Denise Hunter's Nantucket books

Surrender Bay: published 2007 by Thomas Nelson
Seaside Letters: published 2009 by Thomas Nelson

Are you in need of a wonderful love story? How about a love story of unconditional love and forgiveness?

Denise Hunter's Nantucket Love Stories do just that. In Surrender Bay, we find Samantha returning to Nantucket, a place she never planned to return. As a single mother, she inherits her stepfather's cottage and plans to sell the property. When she returns she never suspects that her childhood friend, Landon Reed, still lives two doors down. Their long-dormant romance begins to blossom again and Samantha has to face the fact that her secret of why she left can no longer remain hidden from him. Landon claims unconditional love for her, but will it survive the shattered trust Samantha reveals to him?

How about a story of not only unconditional love and forgiveness, but a dash of humor as well? In Seaside Letters, it is an online romance taking the wrong turn of mistaken identity, or is it? Sabrina has a past, one that Tucker is tied to, and she is hopeless in love with Tucker. Every morning she serves him coffee. Every morning he tries to muster up the nerve to talk to her. When he meets a woman online, he wants Sabrina to help him find this elusive love. Sabrina is now in a dilemma, because that woman is her but the picture she sent is her cousin's. Sabrina has had her heart broken before and had committed a great sin in response. Now she is afraid. Afraid that Tucker will find out about what she had done and her heart will be broken again. Can she truly believe that Tucker's love for her is unconditional? Is forgiveness really in her heart and in his?

Wonderfully told as a subtle parable to Jesus' love for us, Surrender Bay and Seaside Letters leave you teary-eyed and keep you dreaming of happily-ever-afters.

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