Saturday, March 9, 2013

Steeple Hill Books

Love Inspired

Anna Meets Her Match by Arlene James (Deborah Rather) published by Steeple Hill 2009

     This romantic tale is lighthearted and fast paced. The conflict within the story is fairly simple: man vs. woman, man vs. himself, woman vs. herself. Anna, a lonely woman with eyes only for Reeves, is employed by Reeves' aunts, nosy, eccentric, and lovable triplets. Together they plot to bring these two together. Reeves, a man afraid to love again after his wife left him and his young daughter, never consider Anna as a love interest, but he finds himself growing ever increasingly closer to her.
     This is a great love story that shows how a thoughtless word in the past can be forgiven and how two people who wants to believe in the power of love are brought together; and, all because God uses honeybees.
     This storyline has no stagnant or slow pace and the reader is compelled to keep turning the pages. Not dredged down by unimportant descriptions, the storyline hops from one scene to the next in a smooth style. A highly enjoyable and recommended read.

His Uptown Girl by Gail Sattler published by Steeple Hill 2005

     Sometimes opposites are not really opposites at all. Georgette, the heroine, is wealthy, but she loves grease and cars instead of gossip and fancy dinners. She acquires a part time job at a local body shop, but she keeps the truth about who she is a secret. This is a job she loves and a job that her family will despise. Soon, though, she is found out.
     Either she marries a man she does not love, but whom her father approves, take her "rightful" place in society, and stops attending the local church or she leaves with nothing but what she owns, which is precious little. Georgette leaves. She gives up the rich life and follows the way of the Lord. Never regretting her decision, Georgette works at the shop, learns to cook, falls in love with Bob Delanio, and learns that no matter where you come from it is where you are going that is important, as long as you follow the Lord.
     This is the first romance I picked up in many years. The storytelling was superb. Flowing with ease and with a dash of humor, I find myself turning the pages of this book and losing myself into a romantic tale. It now rests beside many other books. A definite read for any romance lover.

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