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Amber Schamel's The Healer's Touch

Have you ever had a false label attached to you? Did anyone ever shun or cast judgement upon you for a sin or crime you never committed? Have you ever questioned God on why something happened? What did you do to deserve such punishment and turmoil?

In Amber Schamel's story, The Healer's Touch, we are brought into Aaliyah's world and how it was turned upside down within moments. The heartache of becoming an outcast because of a disease and the burden of carrying a false label of a sin you did not commit. Some things happen that we do not understand the reasoning behind, things that are out of our control. Through Aaliyah's story, the reader learns that Jesus is always in control and there's a reason for everything.

You will be touched by the heart-rending story and brought into a different world celebrating the wonderfulness of Christ.

Read more about Amber below and check out her story, The Healer's Touch, at Amazon.

Tell us a little about your book and yourself.

AS~ The Healer's Touch is the first book in the Days of Messiah Series. Aaliyah's last chance at winning her husband's love is destroyed when she is banished from her home as an 'unclean' sinner, exiled to the leper colony. When a chance at being cured comes in the form of a rumor, she must risk her life to appear in public, or die a leper.

I am a twenty-two year old gal who lives at home with her family and loves the Lord with all of her heart. I was homeschooled throughout my education and love history, travel, children, singing and piano. In between family life, work as bookkeeper and marketing director in our family businesses, and volunteering at church and camps, I write in my spare time. (Ha!)

How did the idea and/or inspiration of writing this book come about?

AS~ In 2007 I originally wrote The Healer's Touch as a short story and people loved it, but told me I should expand it to tell more of the story. So I did. :)
It was inspired by the accounts of healing in the New Testament and the Lord really showed me the similarities between the terrible disease of leprosy and the emotional disease of bitterness.

Your book has a strong faith element. How natural was this to write about?

AS~ It was very natural and easy for me because my faith is a part of my every day life. It would be hard, and probably awkward to write anything else.

What do you hope readers take away from this book?

AS~ My prayer is that they come to the same realization that Aaliyah does, that bitterness is a terrible disease that is far worse than leprosy. And Jesus Christ is the only one that can heal us of that disease. 
Which of the characters in the novel is most like you and why?

AS~ Aaliyah is probably most like me. I have struggled with a lot of bitterness as she does, and her personality is a lot like mine.

Who is your favorite Biblical character and why?

AS~ Jesus of course. ;) Because of the love He showed to all of us and the example that He set.

What’s your favorite and least favorite part about being a writer?

AS~ My favorite part about being a writer is when you are really in the writing groove and the Lord is anointing your writing. It is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world and the story really comes alive to you. My least favorite is all the marketing and legwork that goes along with being an author.

What advice would you have for writers hoping to follow in your footsteps?

AS~ Be teachable, develop a tough skin and start building your platform even before you're published. I made the mistake of thinking I could work on developing my social media, blogs etc after I was published, but when I finally did get there, I realized I needed it yesterday!

Other than writing, what else occupies your time?

AS~ My mother is expecting her 12th child and I still live at home with all of them, so my time is filled with family duties, bookkeeping and marketing for our many family businesses, church activities as well as volunteer work.
Thanks, Amber, for being a part of this blog. I pray for success in your writing and that it will continue to touch others. Readers, find Amber on Facebook and follow her and her journey.

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