Sunday, October 6, 2013

Evangelism for the Rest of Us

Ever wondered what was wrong with you when you went out into the world and tried to tell others about Christ? Ever wondered what you were doing wrong, why you were failing at it when so many others were succeeding?

Join the club of introverts thrust into an extrovert world. Evangelism requires introverts to step out, and I mean way out, of their normal parameters and comfort zones. Yes, we can delve into areas that are outside our comfort boundaries, but I can't do the things that extroverts do without it sounding fake and forced.

So what can we do when we feel lead to step into the evangelizing field as Jesus commanded?

Mike Bechtle's book evangelism for the rest of us is one of the best books out there for the introvert. It shows how to share Christ within our personality style. Not within our comfort zone, but within our personality style.

I highlighted and marked many pages in this book. Sayings and advice, things that struck a resonant chord within me. Here's something I CAN do!

A few excerpts from the book:
"Most Christians have separated themselves from the world for fear of being corrupted instead of praying for protection as they live among unbelievers."

"We don't 'do' evangelism--God does."

"It's not our job to beat the fish with the bait; our job is to make sure the bait is in the water where the fish is."

"Such churches thought the form was more important that the function."

"When we do something we're not designed to do, fear tends to paralyze us and keep us from taking action."

"Jesus does not tell us where to go; he simply asks us to follow Him."

The book is chock full of inspiration and considerations for the introvert. It would also be a good read for the extrovert so that they, too, may understand not only the mind of an introvert but of the introvert unbelievers, those that are unreachable to an extrovert.

Don't know if you're an introvert or extrovert though? No problem. A short little quiz at the beginning of the book will help you figure that one out.

This book is a highly recommended read. I'm glad I asked for it through AFA and I encourage others to do so too.

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