Thursday, November 13, 2014

Declutter Now! Study Guide by Lindon & Sherry Gareis

Declutter Now! Study Guide
by Lindon & Sherry Gareis
(Ambassador International 2014)

Declutter Now! is a definite must read that helps improve your physical and spiritual life. Now there's a study guide.

Best in a group study, but just as effective solo, Declutter Now! Study Guide is beyond compare and I've read study guides galore.

The "Getting Started" section is truly different, yet essential. I enjoyed the chapter break-downs. This is an eight week guide, eight chapters to digest.

The breakdown:
Key Question
Open in Prayer
Snapshot: (my favorite: "Many of us are so caught up in the "hamster wheel"...)
Talk Time: (usually 18-19 points to consider)
Ah-ha Moment
Action Plan
Memory Verses

Each chapter is detailed and contains thought provoking revelations. But the book doesn't stop with the chapters. 

There are Extras! This section gives fun ideas to improve the group experience.

My favorite part: The Clutter Quiz. Sadly, I'm still in the Declutter Club so I'm back to reading the guide again along with the book.

Declutter Now! Study Guide offers team guide and action plan plus a worksheet. I enjoy the Memory Verse cut outs. Great verse choices! And the recommended books is an impressive list. 

This is more than a study guide, it's an action plan. One that can be applied over and over.

A definite book to keep always and read when your life seems to become "cluttered" again.

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