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Author Spotlight: Kathy M. Howard

Welcome, Kathy M. Howard!

I had the awesome privilege to read From Dishes to Snow. (Read my review here.) The story was heartbreaking at times, and at other times it was hopeful. I became so engrossed with Bayne's story that I forgot that I was reading a book. I was living Bayne's life! I encourage readers to gain a copy of From Dishes to Snow and read a fabulous story of a widow finding new life in an amazing place.

Where can you get the book? Here a few links where From Dishes to Snow can be purchased:
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Here is a great quote (courtesy of Kathy M. Howard) from the book: 
The life I'd lived for over a year was not living. I couldn't breathe. I was suffocating in my room, suffocating in the past.~Bayne Harris

I had the opportunity to ask Kathy a few questions about From Dishes to Snow. Read below to learn more about her and her first novel. Plus, comment for a chance to win a copy of From Dishes to Snow.

[RBR] Explain how you decided upon the title From Dishes to Snow and the significance of the title.

{KH} The book was originally titled 'The Little Red House', but that didn't pop. I remember rewriting/editing for the umpteenth time and wrote the line at the end when Bay is talking to Mr. Milfred about how she loved that Bertha Sue saw God in everything, from dishes to snow, and it was like the words jumped off the page. I realize it is an unusual title, but one the reader finishes the book, it makes sense. God is the menial task of washing dishes to the miraculous development of snow to that life-changing accident.

 [RBR] When I read that part of the book I had to laugh, because my mother, Betty Sue, is a lot like that: having her time with the Lord while doing dishes or doing laundry.

At any time of the story did you every stop and ask yourself if you could go on because of the raw emotions portrayed?

{KH} I never stopped to ask that particular question, but I cried more tears than I ever imagined. No matter how many times I reread a scene, I became emotional. Whether the moments in the story were happy or sad, the tears flowed.

[RBR] Bayne was the foremost character of the novel, but the secondary characters added substance and created a catalyst for Bayne's growth. Were any of these characters based on people in your life?

{KH} The elderly neighbors were loosely at times and strongly at others, based on my three, oh-so-dear-to-my-heart grandparents. I am a blessed individual to have grandparents that love the Lord, love the mountains, and love each other.

[RBR] Yes you are. My grandmother, the only grandparent that was close to me, was an exceptional woman. I loved her and miss her. Aren't grandparents the greatest? :-) 

From Dishes to Snow(FD2S) showed a woman of complex emotions. While she could analyze and understand the logic behind her thoughts and actions, she also was compelled to ride that roller coaster of emotional turmoil. Your understanding of a widow's heart and the deep complexities of her emotions were well written. How were you able to portray this so deeply and so accurately? How hard was it to create such a character as Bayne?

{KH} That means a great deal coming from someone who unfortunately, has experienced the loss of a spouse. Thank you. I have not experienced that kind of loss and I'm extremely grateful. I do not understand why God would allow me to write this book, why He chose to use me, but I pray it can help and encourage readers. I am in awe of His direction and I pray I let Him lead, that I don't try to take the reigns.

Years ago, I'd heard of a woman who had lost her entire family at one time. That thought stayed with me and ate away at me often. That was the idea going into the book. But, other than that, I had no direction, no outline, no ending. As a teacher, the way I wrote this book went against everything I taught. However, it also opened me to trusting God with each word. I prayed every time I sat down to write. And, when a twist or a scene showed up, I was just as surprised as I hope the reader will be. It was a fun, interesting, emotional, and full of teachable moments kind of project. I learned a lot and am still learning.

In creating Bayne, I took a part of me, mixed with another large part of imagination and went with it. I am an introvert at heart and I wrote what I imagined...the wanting to escape and being alone. 

[RBR] Even reading the book I found it full of teachable moments and lessons, from the analytic to creative; but most importantly, lessons from God hidden throughout.

What are your plans for future stories?

{KH} The sequel to FD2S is due out this summer, last I heard. It follows Samantha Jordan's senior year of college. It is in the editing stage right now.

[RBR] Since I can't say enough good things about From Dishes to Snow, I know that I will love to read Samantha's story, too. I look forward to reading it! Thank you, Kathy, for being able to take time to answer my questions and for letting me showcase you on Rebel Book Reviews. It's been an awesome privilege to get to know you and learn more about you as an author. I pray that God will continually lead you as you write more books to glorify His name. 

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  1. Best book I have read in a long time, it captured my attention from the very beginning I could not put the book down!!! Five stars! I can't wait to read the sequel that will be coming out!

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  2. Excellent book to read! Would love a copy for our school. We are a small Christian School and are currently trying to get a library up and running. This book would be a very good book for it!

    1. Andrew, please send your address to the following email:
      I will notify the author and you will also receive an additional Christian fiction book for replying on RBR. :-)