Monday, November 30, 2015

Top 10 Books of 2015

Listed below are the top 10 books of 2015 that I have read. In January I will start a new list of reviews of new authors, favorite authors, and classic authors. Hope you stick around. Share with others about Rebel Book Reviews. Take a chance on a new title or new author. Enjoy the list and why they impacted me more than others. If you wish to discover more about the book or author, click the title's link. 

1) From Dishes to Snow by Kathy M. Howard

     Bayne's journey is a very familiar one and one which I empathize and sympathize as I read the book. The emotional turmoil and growth within Bayne epitomized the strength of a woman--a woman with a Christian soul.
 2) Pirate by Night by Lisa Asenato

     With echoes of John Newton's Amazing Grace, this book portrays a two-fold love: the binding love of family and the binding love of God.
3) Hope by Josephine Walker

     " a gentle rain bringing peace in the middle of turmoil", this book gives the reader hope, too. A heartwarming and surprising mystery sure to delight readers.
4) Darkness Follows by Mike Dellosso

     With original and detailed descriptions the reader will forget that these are fictional characters. So deep is the emotional river that the reader will be swept away by the story.
5) Space Drifters by Paul Regnier

     The symbolic undertone brought the biblical teachings about greed and wants, of love and sacrifice, and in what/who to place one's hope to the surface.
6) Good-Bye, Lover by Rachel Britz

     Rich Irish brogue and descriptions of its emerald beauty layered the book. Emotion and logic danced a waltz. A perfect and sweet romantic tale that I cherish.

     Intricate in detail and rich in love, this saga weaves a winding journey to glory. These books compete in storytelling with the major fantasy writers.

8) The Lost Heiress by Roseanna M. White

     Wonderfully intricate, well researched, and remarkable in symbolism, faith, and motifs, this story is a modern day Bronte novel.
9) The Post Card by Laura V. Hilton

     This book brings to heart life, love, faith, and forgiveness, and about all following God's direction, no matter the cost.
10) The Fallen by Clay A. Kahler

      Suspenseful, edge of the seat reading, with its nostalgic style, this book packs a powerful punch.

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