Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kissed by a Cowboy by Debra Clopton

(Thomas Nelson 2016)

As I began to read this book I began to have mixed feelings. What made this a Christian fiction book? 

Yes, it is very clean and highly entertaining. Cassidy is a true high spirited redhead that is immediately likable. Jarrod was a little harder to get to know, but eventually once I took in the Texan cowboy mentality it seemed to mesh well.

My only problems with this book were the following: 1) I needed to read the prior books in the series to understand some of the characters and know who they were, 2) too much backstory jolted me from the book and I felt it could have been handled as dialogue, 3) the introduction of Pebble and Rand was a little abrupt and seemed to interfere with the flow of the reading, and 4) I expected more Christian content in the book but it was lacking.

What did I like? Many aspects of the book: 1) it was extremely clean and entertaining, and at times funny, 2) each character had their own quirks that helped them grow throughout the story, 3) the pace was steady and kept me reading, and 4) although light in nature, the Christian element was present.

Although I was a little reserved about this novel, I did find that I enjoyed it. It made for a light read and I am sure that I would enjoy other Debra Clopton books. If you like spunky Texan characters and enjoy clean romances, then this book is a definite winner in that category.

***I received this book from Thomas Nelson via BookLook Bloggers in exchange of an honest and complete review.***

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