Wednesday, May 11, 2016

NKJV Study Bible

New King James Version
Study Bible
Personal Size, Softcover
(Thomas Nelson 2016)
I normally would not review a Bible for my blog, but I have to say, I really enjoy this one.
I've only had one study Bible in my life, and that was a student study Bible ASV. Eventually it fell apart, as in Acts kept acting up and falling out.
So I was delighted to receive this Bible for review. And I am hooked on delving further into God's word!

What makes this one so different? Although I love to read the King James Version, I do prefer the simpler syntax of our time; hence, the New King James Version. Same content, same meaning...just in our speech pattern of today.
But what else does this Bible contain? History! Inserts are included throughout that gives insight to the history and culture of that time. Face it, we today are not like them of yesteryear. We, those who are not historians, do not know much of their culture back then, especially the Israeli and Jewish culture. Knowing and understanding how they lived helps in understanding more of why they behaved as they did or made decisions as they did, etc. 
Another plus is the archeological facts that actually help prove the Bible and the people of the Bible existed. Case in point: King Shalmaneser is the first Assyrian king to come into direct contact with Israel. Although he is not mentioned in 2 Chronicles during the reign of Ahab, a reference of him is found on an inscription where Jehu, son of Omri, is mentioned paying tribute.
This is one in many points of interest. There are many bonuses in this study Bible such as: timelines, maps, paintings, photos, archeological finds and the history behind it, culture explanations, and one of my favorites: comparison charts.
Hosea and Gomer's relationship is drawn as a parallelism to God and Israel. The story of Esther and her sacrifice for her people is compared to Christ and His sacrifice for mankind.
At the bottom are more in depth writing to further explain what you read or what many theologians think the Scripture passage refers to or is about. Between the columns are the standard references that help you book-hop where Scripture reinforces Scripture.
The only downside to this book is that while it is a personal size Bible, the typeset is more condense. I would have preferred the hardback or at least leather (pleather) cover. And the weight come in about 2.7 pounds.
So while I hold my Study Bible to strengthen my spiritual body, I am also strengthening my physical body.

***I was given this Bible through BookLook Bloggers via Thomas Nelson in exchange of an honest review***

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