Wednesday, May 25, 2016

VIP by O.S. Hawkins

Very Influential Person
O.S. Hawkins
(Thomas Nelson 2016)  

I was interested and curious about this little book when I saw it on Thomas Nelson's website. So I took a chance, and it was a good call.

VIP: How to Influence with Vision, Integrity, and Purpose is not a quick read. It is a book that is designed to read a portion, research the passages mentioned, and let it stew and marinate in the mind.

Each of us carry a narcissistic flair within. We want to be important. We want people to like us. We want to influence others. 

In this book it shows us how to find that sphere of influence that God had assigned just for us.

O.S. Hawkins uses a combination of life stories, Biblical stories, history, and literature to prove his point in each category. He really takes a different approach to the well known acronym, VIP. He challenges the reader to live not in pursuit of importance but to influence others toward eternal significance.

This wasn't a quick read; I did find it tedious and a book to read as though I were studying a course, which in a way was what it was like. After quickly reading through it, I will now go through it piece by piece, day by day, making notes, highlighting, and applying what I have read.

This makes a great gift and I recommend it as a different type of nonfiction book. Not quite a devotional, not quite a memoir or biography, but definitely an outstanding "self-help" book. 

***I received this book through Thomas Nelson's Booklookbloggers in exchange of an honest and complete review*** 

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