Monday, August 8, 2016

The Rector by Michael Hicks Thompson

 The Rector
Michael Hicks Thompson
(Shepherd King 2015)

It's not often that I find a book that leaves me conflicted on what I think of it. That's a downside of reading books through a blogging program. I am honor-bound to write a review, but sometimes I come across a book that while decent and entertaining has me frowning over certain aspects of it.

One, The Rector was a book that was captivating in a 50s-noir style of reading. To me it seemed like a narration of a movie that played out before me.
I did wish for deeper character developments and at times I forgot it was a woman who was narrating. The author's voice intruded at times that gave the narration a distinctly masculine flair.

Two, the story line had many moments of convenience in the discovery of clues. I also didn't like the fact that the main character, Martha, would suddenly realize the answer to a question or discovery of a clue only to leave the reader in the dark. If a story is written first person, I expect to know exactly what that character is thinking and feeling.

Three, I had a tough time labeling this as Christian. The faith is there, but then this was 50s Delta Mississippi where faith and Christianity was a mainstay in most all homes. There were couple of instances where God's name was taken in vain and a couple of words that were taken out of context where some readers would consider them "curse/cuss" words.

Despite a few parts that had me scratching my head on whether the author did enough research or not, I did enjoy the book somewhat. Although if any readers are Southern Baptist, they may not enjoy some parts of the book that deals with the Episcopal denomination.

I can't recommend this book, but I can say it was an okay mainstream book. It was fast paced, entertaining, and one that leaves the reader wondering what else would happen in Solo.

***I was provided this book through BookCrash in exchange of an honest and complete review.

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