Thursday, September 29, 2016

Highlights from the 2016 Year

As the year winds down to a close I've decided to post books that have impacted me and made the long list of the Top Ten of 2016. With only two more review months left of 2016, will these books remain on the list? Read the Top Ten of 2016 post in December and find out. Until then, enjoy a few highlights of wonderful books and talented authors! 

January Highlights:

The Story of the Other Wise Man
~Henry van Dyke
"And his gifts were accepted by his King."
Caged Dove
~Andrea Rodgers
"How we must not let those parts of ourselves become caged."
February Highlights:
Of Moose and Men
~Torry Martin/Doug Peterson
"God doesn't want perfect people. He wants us."
  Counted with the Stars
~Connilyn Cossette
"Inspiring tale set in the lush land of Ancient Egypt."
April Highlights:
Summer's Flame
~Wendy Davy
"Two people had to trust in God and in each other."

Wake the Dead
~Victoria Buck
"a wake-up call in fiction form"
May Highlights:
The Madonna of Pisano
~MaryAnn Diorio
"A new, fresh retelling of the age-old tale."
Surrender to Peace
~Rose Allen McCauley
"Sweet and simple love story about surrendering your heart."
June, July, & August Highlights:
~Katie Clark
"It is a time of Greaters, Middles, and Lessers, until that time is challenged by a few."
The Occupied
~Craig Parshall
"Solid book of mystery, thrills, passion, hope, and above all, love."
September Highlights:
The 17
~Clint Kelly
"I am the Lord's Servant. May it be to me as you have said."
Lightning on a Quiet Night
~Donn Taylor
"The town and its people learn a valuable lesson in love, forgiveness, and humility."
I hope you enjoyed reading a little about these books and hopefully you'll check out the titles. There are more to come....





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  1. Interesting. I have not heard about some of them. More for me to add to my "to be read" list. Thank you. :-)