Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Maybe It's You by Candace Calvert

(Tyndale 2017) 

This is my 3rd Candace Calvert novel and probably the most liked. If a reader is looking for a medical drama without the grittiness of the medical profession and is looking for a suspense without the edgy writing style, then Candace Calvert has the book for that reader.

Although not my style, the writing is concise and easy to read. Enough explanation is given to a reader who may not know medical jargon so that she can understand more in the story. Sloane and Micah are two well developed characters who bring the story to life.

The romance was sweet and not overly described in detail. When it came to the faith element it seemed more forced than natural. There were a few instances where an action or a reaction seemed too stilted or as if the author was trying not to offend a reader.

All in all, Candace Calvert delivered a good novel that many readers will enjoy.

***received a complimentary copy of Maybe It's You from Tyndale House Blog Network*** 
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