Monday, January 9, 2017

Starting off the Year with the TOP 15

I'm starting the 2017 review year with the top 15 authors from years 2013-2016. If you haven't read any of these, then I truly encourage you to do so. In no particular order (which means I've listed from 2013 up), let us begin our review.

Angela Hunt

This unique tale of a beautiful white rose that is requested by the King and Queen prove that sometimes the most beautiful thing can be found in the most surprising place.

Written with hints of Jesus' parables of the sower, the rich man in Hell, and the ten bridesmaids, this book will make you truly think and view your own soul.

Marc Schooley

This story will keep you turning pages, have you questioning ideas and beliefs, dare you to look at your own soul and inside your heart, and leave you believing in promised Grace.

Beth Harlow

The time is June 1861. A journal is given to a young Rebel fighter and each entry over the next four years detail the lives of 8 men: Rebel and Yankee.

John Muntean/Josephine Walker

"Hope and freedom hang in the balance between the success or failure of one man’s plan. And John Muntean will succeed, or die trying." 

Eleanor Gustafson


God takes the bad and makes it good. God equips the called. Sentences to sum up the novel, Dynamo.

Kathy M. Howard

The emotional turmoil and growth within Bayne epitomized the strength of a woman--a woman with a Christian soul.

Morgan Busse

Just as Henry van Dyke used allegory to tell the love of Jesus, so does Busse with her story of the Word. (John 1:1) The stories are intricate in detail and rich in love

Paul Regnier

It's more than a science fiction story. It's more than a space rambling. It's both of those combined and thrown into a spiraling universe of misfortunes, a maybe romance, miscalculations, and sheer luck, or maybe fate, that carries the reader along on one heck of a space adventure complete with the occasional comedy.

Lisa Asenato

"He came with dark intentions and instead discovered the light."
This portion on the front sums it up. This is no shallow read or light-hearted romance. This book delves deep into the heart and the story of forgiveness.

Andrea Rodgers

Like the double helix, two stories are connected and they push each other along but with one main tether: God. The exact time, the exact place, the exact people: all things happen when God is in control, which is another theme in this story.

Mary Annslee Urban

Urban's story weaves a beautiful tale of love, forgiveness, and above all, trust.

Ray Blackston

In the lofty words of R. Blackston, Flabbergasted begat humor, humor begat more snarky humor, which begat truth, and truth begat life.

Terri Blackstock

Terri Blackstock does a wonderful job in bringing to life the anxiety of each character as one runs and the other chases. As each layer is peeled away and as the truth becomes known Casey and Dylan both face indecision.

Clint Kelly

One sentence to sum the book: "I am the Lord's servant. May it be to me as you have said."
This book will keep you enthralled. It will take your emotions for a ride. It will show you the beauty and frailty of our humanity. 

Lucy Thompson

Mail Order Surprise brought a real type of Western life, complete with tough gals and chivalrous cowboys and yet a touch of the gentile. The ending sets the reader up with a foreshadowing of another Lucy Thompson story and one that would be just as entertaining as this one.


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