Angela Hunt's Uncharted

Published by Thomas Nelson-2006

David Payne dies in a horrible wreck. Five friends from college decide to honor his memory and finish his charitable service project. Various reasons they give: out of guilt, for publicity, for an alibi.

Meet Karyn & Kevin. Divorced ten years ago, with a fifteen year old daughter. Karyn is an actress for a daytime soap opera. Kevin is a high paid executive for a candy company. Both are absorbed with their success.
Lisa is a woman, never married and secretly harboring an infatuation over an old friend, who runs a daycare and cares for her ailing parents. She obsesses over the rewards she receives from her church and being noticed.
Susan, an interior designer, is financially stable through the death of her older husband. She agonizes about her looks and her status.
Then there is Mark. An used car salesman, out to make a quick fortune, who hides a horrid secret.

On the way to the Marshall Islands, a storm capsizes the boat. The five friends find themselves washed ashore a desolate island with black volcanic sand that cuts their feet. The sun is hidden behind a stationary curtain of gray clouds. Hot air and hot winds assault them. No food. No freshwater. How can they survive?

Slowly, they discover that the skull shaped cave they find is a master of revealing secrets. Little by little, each are shown who they really are: a vicious gossiper who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants; a man who is selfish and controlling, thinking only of how he can manipulate the people around him; an adulteress who delights in her beauty and in her seduction of other women's husbands; a single woman who is two-faced, a wolf in sheep's clothing; a man who is a serial killer.

As the island takes control of them, never to release them, can these five people ever hope to survive? No. No one escapes Hell.

These people discover that they gave up the One Perfect Gift for their own selfish desires, they realize that they will never die, because they are already dead and residing in Hades. They now live with endless parading of each others secret sins and utmost misery that comes from not accepting Christ.

Written with hints of Jesus' parables of the sower, the rich man in Hell, and the ten bridesmaids, this book will make you truly think and view your own soul.

The beauty of this story: Because none of us are worthy or righteous and all of us deserve to be on that desolate island of pain and thirst, of misery, it can be avoided through the acceptance of Jesus Christ.


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