Fearless by Mike Dellosso

Mike Dellosso
(Realms 2013)

If you can believe that the universe was created from nothing and a sudden bang, then why not believe in God? He is the God of the supernatural and surreal; the God of miracles; and the God of love.

In a very intense, dramatic unfolding of Virginia Mills' occupants, the story centers around one miracle child, nine-year-old Louisa. Gifted with healing, and in an allegorical retelling of Jesus' healing of the populace, Louisa's gift is a blessing and curse because others will seek to abuse that which is freely given.

But it isn't only Louisa's story, but a deeper tale of Jim, Amy, and Alicia's spiritual healing.

Within layers and layers of storytelling, Mike Dellosso weaves a heart-thumping thriller that peels back the preconceived notions of who people really are.

He's a killer, evil--but there's more to him and he has a choice.

She's a batter woman--but there's more to her and she has a choice.

They're a torn couple--but there's more to them and they have a choice.

Fearless is a novel that requires multiple readings to glean the majestic impact it tells.

As always, Mike Dellosso hasn't disappointed me with a story--superb!


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