Her Small-Town Romance by Jill Kemerer

Her Small-Town Romance
(Love Inspired 2016) 

It's not often that a Love Inspired novel can pull me in so thoroughly and with such ease. Jill Kemerer did a great job at showing a budding romance and how God leads us through every step in our lives.

The ease with which Jade and Bryan connected was extremely well thought out and well developed. Jade's fears were realistic. Bryan's self doubt was handled superbly.

What I loved most was how easy it was to picture the small town, the camaraderie between the siblings, and seeing the interactions between the two characters, as well as their internal thoughts.

Her Small-Town Romance made it possible to believe again in happiness. It showed that love is there for the taking if one is only willing to look to God for the answers. 

This is a Christian inspirational romance. Prayer is a given in the characters' lives. They are outspoken about their faith and beliefs. These elements were not contrived or seemed out of place. It was an integral part of the story. Where some books seem peppered with misplaced prayer or the faith element seems to be an afterthought, Jill Kemerer's ability to show in detail the richness of the Christian faith gave an air of realism to the story.

All in all, I say well done. I'm anxious to purchase more of her books and look forward to future publications by her. Can I recommend this book? Definitely so. And I urge those who love a good romance, a sweet story of love, to buy this book. An amazing read!  


  1. Daphne, I can't tell you how much your kind review means to me. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Her Small-Town Romance!! Bless you!

  2. It was a joy to read the book. :)


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