A Lady Unrivaled by Roseanna M. White

A Lady Unrivaled
Roseanna M. White
(Bethany House 2016) 

After reading The Reluctant Duchess, I waited with bated breath on whether Roseanna M. White could top that masterfully written novel. And she did without exception.

A Lady Unrivaled brings to a close a trio of love stories and the mystery of the Fire Eyes. Ella, who had been mentioned in both books, was a simply delightful character and one that many people who are creative and adventurous would relate. Cayton is the man who dreams are made of and who is the epitome of how deep an individual's personality can go.

Readers will immerse themselves into a wonderfully written novel.

The descriptions send the reader right into the middle of the early 1900's, on the cusp of war. New characters are brought to us. Another character is brought healing and forgiveness. And yet another will find that a person can always change for the better.

During this Edwardian society, seeing the impending change on the horizon and the blurred lines between social classes, is a nice change from Regency or Victorian romances.

There's a hint of an new book and a different land and I hope that it will come about. There's a new story left brewing once you close the book.

Roseanna M. White has once again proven herself a master at storytelling by bringing readers a well researched, artfully written, and superb novel.  

***I received a copy through Bethany House in exchange of an honest and compete review***



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