Swipe Right by Levi Lusko

Swipe Right
Levi Lusko
(Thomas Nelson 2017) 

The play on words with the title, Swipe Right, relates to the Tinder dating app. This is more of a "Me" generation thing; so reading this book, I can see that the audience is the teens and upwards to the mid-20's.

With so much sexual immorality that has become a blight on this world, this book not only shows why a young person should wait before having sex, but also shows how it is never too late to rededicate yourself to purity. Levi Lusko doesn't mince words or try to sugar coat so not to affront someone's delicate sensibilities. He is matter of fact, using language of the modern culture, and still he plays hard ball with a sensitive topic.

The Holy Bible is his guide and he doesn't deviate from it. All he writes is written in love, even if it does sound harsh sometimes.

Older people may not benefit from this as much; although, there are some really good points to note when it comes to relationships.

I would definitely recommend this for youth groups and for the younger adult groups. 

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