Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sharon A. Lavy's Dreaming of a Father's Love

Sharon Lavy has written an intense, intricately woven tale based in the early 1970's

The main theme is the complexity of a father-daughter relationship. Birdie, aka Roberta, struggles with  her desires to find her own way especially in the horticulture scene, During the 70's women began to break away from the home and the venture into the "man's world".  This book deals with this from a young woman's viewpoint and her belief that her father rejects her dreams and only want to her follow his plans for her future.

Intertwined with Birdie's story are those of her friends and family, each with their own separate problems.

During this time the culture of the world was changing, more liberation in clothing and beliefs and also in social behaviors. Throughout the book, the conservative nature of the German Baptist reinforced the theme that the desperate longing for a Father's Love was not just the earthly father, but the Heavenly Father.

A great book for a teen to read, since so many things that happen today is the same as then.

What I didn't like about the book is that the many subplots and characters created a mosaic that was hard to follow. I found myself backing up many times to place a certain character. At times I felt bogged down by the pacing of the story.

All in all, Dreaming of a Father's Love, is a rich tale surrounding the lives of three women. Minor characters add flair to the story, giving it a depth of tremendous portions.

Heartwarming, sometimes heart-wrenching, a reader will find this book worthwhile in many ways.

***I was given this book through Book Crash in return for an honest review***