Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Coming Apostasy by M. Hitchcock, J. Kinley

Mark Hitchcock & Jeff Kinley
(Tyndale House 2017)  

 Many nonfiction books are just a regurgitation of older books or older ideas with a new, "progressive" face on it. Not so with this one.

I found this book to have so many truths and illuminating facts that I bookmarked the pages with whatever pieces of paper were nearby as I read. With each chapter I was loathe to put this book down. And I felt the desire, the need to share what I learned from that chapter with anyone and everyone.

I never understood the saying about the "fifth column", but after reading the chapter titled the same, the reasoning behind this was made much clearer. Apostasy will come from within, cloaked.

The authors share in each chapter how we have become a "culture of compromise" and  when "tolerance is intolerable". Only ten chapters, but each chapter is detailed, informative, and captivating.

If the reader ever wonders what an apostate is or how to identify one, this book breaks it down easily. And these authors didn't rely on only just one translation of the Bible. They use at least five to make their points, and instead of stating what that particular Scripture reads, they invite the reader to find out for themselves, too.

It's a compelling read that is most remarkable in its ability to lay out the cold, hard truths in a most humble way. And read alongside the Bible, The Coming Apostasy is a good study guide to have handy. I found myself with a greater understanding of some portions of the Bible by reading what the book says and then following it with the Scripture quoted.

And as the book mentions, we are to still fight the good fight because our "orders remain unchanged". Buy this book. Read it and then read it again.  

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Berenstain Bears Easter Fun by Jan & Mike Berenstain

Jan & Mike Berenstain
(Zonderkidz 2017)

On a whim I decided to choose this book for review. Figured it would be a simple place-and-play sticker book.

Boy was I wrong! And gladly so.

Word finds, mazes, math problems, color by number, matching, patterns, dot-to-dot, crosswords, and deciphers: the list goes on.

Definitely for school aged children, I found this to be a potentially great homeschooling book that aligns nicely with the Holy Bible.

Highly interactive, this would be a great book for a child that will hold his/her creative interest.   

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Love Him Anyway by Abby Banks

Abby Banks is a mom turned author and special needs advocate. A speech and communications summa cum laude graduate from Clemson University, Abby has a passion for finding God in the hard places. She and her husband, Jason, reside in Greenwood, SC, with their three children, who inspire her daily: Jay, Austin, and Wyatt.

 She is the author of the nonfiction book titled Love Him Anyway: Finding Hope in the Hardest Places which is published by Ambassador International.

~One night can change everything. Abby Banks put her healthy, happy infant son to sleep, but when she awoke the next morning, she felt as though she was living a nightmare. Her son, Wyatt, was paralyzed. There was no fall, no accident, no warning. A rare autoimmune disease attacked his spinal cord, and there was no cure. In an instant, all her hopes and dreams for him were wiped away. The life she envisioned for her family was gone, and she was frozen by the fear of a future she never imagined. As she struggled to come to grips with her son’s devastating diagnosis and difficult rehabilitation, she found true hope in making a simple choice, a choice to love anyway—to love her son, the life she didn’t plan, and the God of hope, who is faithful even when the healing doesn’t come. In Love Him Anyway, Abby shares her family’s journey from heartbreak to triumph and reminds us that hope and joy can be found in life’s hardest places.~[from the back of the book]

Below is my review of the book and where you can connect with Abby Banks. 

Abby Banks wrote a book of raw honesty and a look into the life of a Christian parent. We all struggle with feelings of selfishness and unselfishness, that duel between anger and love, and the ping-pong effect between bitterness and praise.

Love Him Anyway is such a heart-touching soul-wrenching testimony that leaves the reader breathless and needing to set the book aside in order to ponder those words written.

Many passages spoke to me, such as these:
  • "My wrestling sessions with God happened in the quiet and darkness of night when sleep wouldn't come and the eyes of the world weren't on me."

How many times have we felt we had to put on a "good face" for others, and then end up in our own wrestling match like Jacob?

  • "God didn't make me or Wyatt or anyone for a life of simple existence. We were made to live and experience life to the fullest, whatever that may look like."

I had to laugh at his part because it brought to light a new meaning to NeedtoBreathe's song Happiness. We aren't meant for a simple life. We are encouraged to chase our dreams and glorify the Lord.

But most of all, this passage says it all:
  • "I serve a God who has the power to part seas and bring the dead to life."

How powerful is that statement? Through all our hardships, our boomeranging emotions, and even through our praises, God is there for us and never leaves us. We are that special to Him.

In Love Him Anyway, this is made more evident. And the title has its own impact. Yes, they love Wyatt anyway, and they also love God anyway, too.

I encourage everyone to take a chance and read Abby Banks' Love Him Anyway. It's a true gift to every reader.

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Abby Banks:
Twitter: @fightlikewyatt 
Instagram: @fightlikewyatt

Love Him Anyway releases February 21, 2017 in paperback at all major retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and You can also purchase Love Him Anyway through Ambassador International’s online store and use the coupon code “LoveHim” for a 10% discount. You can also enter to win a free signed copy below. The winner will be announced March 2nd at


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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

25 Questions by Dr. Juli Slattery

Dr. Juli Slattery
(Moody Publishers 2015)

 Some may think this title is strange or inappropriate for a Christian book; but in reality, our sexual nature is a part of what God created.

Each chapter deals with a question many of us ask. Dr. Juli Slattery answers that question with thoughtful insight and great empathy, and above all, with love and truth.

For many Christians we were taught false teachings about sex, our sexuality, and what the Bible says. Some of us were simply not taught; usually because it was considered a taboo subject within the church or our homes.

With grace this book speaks candidly about these issues, such as:
  • Is it wrong to like sex?
  • What if I want sex more than my husband does?
  • Is ____ okay in the bedroom? (You fill in the blank!)
  • How do I get past my shame?
  • What's wrong with mommy porn?
  • What if I don't like sex?
  • Why wouldn't God want me to be happy?
These are just a few of the issues. I encourage single, engaged, married, and even widowed Christians to read this book. So many helpful insights that not only will strengthen our relationship with another, but also with God.

Don't let embarrassment or false shame keep you from exploring in depth God's word and design about sex.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Following Wherever He Leads by Joan Crory

Joan Crory
(Ambassador International 2017) 

"And God has put you where you are to help meet the needs of the folk around you."

Following Wherever He Leads is the epitome of that statement written within. God has put this book where it helps to meet the needs of the readers.

As I read this book this portion struck a chord within me: "There is nothing so painful as unjust accusation, whether from a colleague, a partner or a friend but particularly if it comes from a fellow Christian."
The book goes on to state in a following paragraph: "After all, God knows our heart and He knows the truth of the situation better than we do ourselves. If we turn to the Bible, we will find lots of passages which refer to this very situation."
I've experienced this quite a bit. And who better to know what trials I face than He who faced them all.

"Vance Havner says: 'I don't understand how electricity works, but I'm not going to sit around in the dark until I do!"
Well, I don't know how symbols, numbers, and letters strung together along with metal, silicon, and graphite, etc. make a computer work. But I'm not going to stare at a blank screen and never use the computer until I do.
That said, in this book, this analogy is used for describing prayer and our prayer life.

We're not made for the simple life. After reading this in another book and hearing it in a song, Following Wherever He Leads shows that to follow Christ our lives will never be simple. It will never be easy. To follow Christ is a hard job. And it isn't simple. There are two ways to see this: first, we are not made for the simple life because we are encouraged to dream and to pursue our dreams which we give to Him the glory. And second, a simple life does not allow us to follow Christ. We become complacent and out of touch with Him when we follow that simple life.

As I read, this became even clearer than ever before. And as I read even more, certain passages, stories, and parables from the Bible were shown in a new light.

My favorite was the last chapter: Memorandum. An out-of-the-box thinking that pushed me to view my relationship with Christ from a new angle:
I'm strong only through Him. And He lives through me.

So much insight and knowledge, perfect for the everyday person, burst forth from Following Wherever He Leads.

This is truly a remarkable and rewarding book!

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Friday, February 3, 2017

The Dog Who Was There by Ron Marasco

Ron Masaco
(Thomas Nelson 2017)

For anyone who love pets, we know that these creatures can be the most innocent of all. They love unconditionally and trust without measure. Pets can be like little children. 

In this book it begins with Barley, the little pup that was ripped from his mother but saved by a loving couple. Through heartache and despair, Barley is thrust onto an ever moving path.

Told in the fashion of Milo & Otis and The Jungle Book, the reader is both the dog and the people around him. We can see in detail and feel with such passion the loneliness, fear, hope, and love.

The story is written in a simple way, and yet it speaks volumes. Such simplicity brought about the strongest of emotions, especially as we witness the last days of Christ before His crucifixion. 

The Dog Who Was There could become a timelessly story that would span the ages of all readers. From young to old, this book has a lesson for all and shows the wonderful and awesome power of love.

Definitely a keeper and one that I think most everyone would enjoy. 

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