Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Occupied by Craig Parshall

The Occupied
Craig Parshall
(Tyndale 2016) 

Once again I've come across a book that leaves me with a deeper meaning to spiritual warfare. The Occupied is more than mere thriller or horror; it is also a book on truth about the unseen forces that influence the world today just as it did in the past.

Because we can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. The character Trevor Black (and I started to see a little symbolism about his name as I read more) is blessed with the gift of discernment. Discernment meaning he can smell and sense the evil of demons around him and at times see them as they "occupied" a person.

Although the Christian aspect is not heavy or layered thickly throughout the book, the belief in Christ is made evident. As is the Scriptural truths about the battle that we cannot see.

Some people may scoff and say that this is truly a work of fiction, but lessons and truth are often threaded through fiction. Can anyone smell demons? Yes, they can. Can anyone see demons? Most assuredly. Is there a way to be protected from them? A definite and resounding yes. And in the book this is shown multiple times.

Told in present tense, first person at the beginning and then morphing into past tense, first person, the reader is held firmly into the story to experience the life of Trevor Black as he learns what his new gift means for him and why. There are references to things I've seen in other books, such as Guardian King and Lord of flies, that makes those other books take on a new level. And it deepens the story of The Occupied even more. The title, The Occupied, has a dual meaning itself.

Want to know what it is? Then read the book! I highly and fervently recommend it.

It is a book that leaves you wanting more of Trevor's story; leaves you with questions and the need to understand more; leaves you with a veil lifted from your eyes and the desire to understand more about the full armor of God.

Craig Parshall has brought to readers a solid book of mystery, thrills, passion, hope, and above all love. Emotions ride high in The Occupied. And I will repeat this, buy the book! It's a book that will stay with you for days to come.  

 ***I received this book through Tyndale Blog Network in exchange of my full and honest review***

Friday, August 12, 2016

Frantic by Mike Dellosso

Mike Dellosso
(Realms 2012)

I love thrillers. I love horror. I like the heart thumping reaction to reading the battle between good and evil. Frantic offered me exactly that.

This is an in-your-face type of story. Think Stephen King and Rose Red, think Dean Koontz and his supernatural stories, or how about House on Haunted Hill?

Those don't compare to the darkness that this book forces the reader to face.

One twist after another kept the pages turning. One breath stealing scene to another kept me glued to the words unfolding before me.

This isn't your run of the mill Christian fiction or Christian thriller. It is straight up horror for the adrenaline junkies. And like most all horror stories, good overcomes evil; evil never prevails; and in this story, God is in control of it all.

This is just one of many books by Mike Dellosso that proved to me that he is beyond a doubt a master storyteller. If I want a book that will wear me out, will force me to keep the lights on, or will cause me to triple check my locks, then he is my go-to guy.

As with any book, it does have it flaws. Maybe I wished for a deeper connection with one of the characters (just not Gary or Harold, thank you). Maybe I wished for a little more action in some scenes, some kind of movement of the characters that would bring them to life a little bit more. But those are just my preferences. 

The story that Frantic brought to me quickly tamped down any thing that I may have considered a flaw. The story moved quickly, never allowing for a breath to be taken, and gave me a really great read. If you have not tried any of Mike Dellosso's books, I encourage you to do so. They are books that will definitely stay with you.