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Morgan Busse's Daughter of Light & Son of Truth

Daughter of Light (Book 1) Son of Truth (Book 2) by  Morgan Busse (Enclave Publishing, formerly Marcher Lord Press)

With any fantasy novel, especially since fantasy and science fiction are my first loves, I find it increasingly difficult to locate an exceptional Christian-faith based story. Morgan Busse presents in her two books, Daughter of Light and Son of Truth all I need: action, deeply developed characters, interwoven plots, and morality.

She is in the beloved category along with R.J. Larson, Karen Hancock, and Patrick Carr; but the highest praise I can give her is to liken her to the wonderful author Henry van Dyke and his book The Blue Flower.
Just as van Dyke used allegory to tell the love of Jesus, so does Busse with her story of the Word. (John 1:1)
At first I was hard pressed to keep reading because the story was told more than experienced, but the more I read and the more deeply I became enthralled with the characters and plot, I discovered I did not want to relinquish the book to…