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Heir of Hope by Morgan Busse

Heir of Hope by  Morgan Busse (Enclave Publishing 2015)
Daughter of Light, Son of Truth, and Heir of Hope are books that lead the reader down a winding journey to glory.
There are hardships.
There are loss and pain.
There is forgiveness.
There is rebirth.
More importantly: there's hope. No corners were cut in the novels. It's truth and adventure bound together in a whirlwind saga.
The journeys of Rowen, Caleb, Nierne, and Lore were complete with the ebb and flow of faith that we all find ourselves experiencing.
Even though I wished for more of Caleb's story and to see more of his gifts and I felt the ending seemed too rushed, the deep plots, symbolism, and spiritual truth embedded within the story enhances the reader's enjoyment.
This is a saga that competes with George R.R. Martin and Tad Williams. Morgan Busse wrote an outstanding fantasy story.

Fearless by Mike Dellosso

Fearless by  Mike Dellosso (Realms 2013)
If you can believe that the universe was created from nothing and a sudden bang, then why not believe in God? He is the God of the supernatural and surreal; the God of miracles; and the God of love.
In a very intense, dramatic unfolding of Virginia Mills' occupants, the story centers around one miracle child, nine-year-old Louisa. Gifted with healing, and in an allegorical retelling of Jesus' healing of the populace, Louisa's gift is a blessing and curse because others will seek to abuse that which is freely given.
But it isn't only Louisa's story, but a deeper tale of Jim, Amy, and Alicia's spiritual healing.
Within layers and layers of storytelling, Mike Dellosso weaves a heart-thumping thriller that peels back the preconceived notions of who people really are.
He's a killer, evil--but there's more to him and he has a choice.
She's a batter woman--but there's more to her and she has a choice.
They're a torn c…

Hope by Josephine Walker

Hope by  Josephine Walker (Ambassador International 2015)
I watched this novel grow form first line to its final. It's not your typical mystery. It's not your typical romance. It's not your typical novel.
Jessica needed a new life. What she received was a new hope, a new love, a new chapter, basically a renewing of spirit.
Jo Walker has a way that sucks you into a story. This was no cozy mystery. I was surprised to discover the "ghost"; but looking back the clues were there. This was no simple romance. Jessica finds love in the most surprising places, most of all from God. The budding relationship between Jessica, Clint, and Timmy was heartwarming.
A line from the book: "like a gentle rain bringing peace in the middle of turmoil", Hope gives the reader just that, hope. Hope for a future. Hope fro a new beginning. And hope for healing.
Jo did an excellent job and I've already read the book twice and plan to read it again, and again!

Whitewashed by Amy C. Blake

Whitewashed by Amy C. Blake (Mantle Rock Publishing 2015)
Not many books can bridge the gap between young adult and contemporary genres; but, Amy C. Blake has written such a novel.
Whitewashed is a story set in a small, Deep South town of Mississippi called Hades, and there are dark secrets lurking beneath the college.
There are mysterious things happening. There are spiritual soul searchings. There is one family's lineage tied to one college, Verity.
This novel is everything but typical. All plots are delivered neatly and with satisfying results. The characters are well developed. The pace and setting written with exquisite detail.
I found that Amy C. Blake wrote a great example of Deep South culture. To me, she rivals Terri Blackstock at her best and has quickly made a fan of me.