Heir of Hope by Morgan Busse

Heir of Hope
Morgan Busse 
(Enclave Publishing 2015)

Daughter of Light, Son of Truth, and Heir of Hope are books that lead the reader down a winding journey to glory.

There are hardships.

There are loss and pain.

There is forgiveness.

There is rebirth.

More importantly: there's hope.
No corners were cut in the novels. It's truth and adventure bound together in a whirlwind saga.

The journeys of Rowen, Caleb, Nierne, and Lore were complete with the ebb and flow of faith that we all find ourselves experiencing.

Even though I wished for more of Caleb's story and to see more of his gifts and I felt the ending seemed too rushed, the deep plots, symbolism, and spiritual truth embedded within the story enhances the reader's enjoyment.

This is a saga that competes with George R.R. Martin and Tad Williams. Morgan Busse wrote an outstanding fantasy story.


  1. Thank you for the sweet and short review :) I hope to explore more of Caleb's new-found abilities, not to mention his new relationship, in a future book. Maybe after I'm done with this steampunk series...


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