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A Cowboy's Dare by Lucy Thompson

A Cowboy's Dare by Lucy Thompson (Forget Me Not Romances 2016)
"Tyrone woke up with a headache--and a wife. And he's never been so scared in his life." 
Pair headstrong and proper Jane Montgomery, the mayor's daughter, with stubborn and gritty Tyrone Harding, owner of Female-free Adventures, and you have a volatile reaction.
Even though they can't remember being married nor saying "I do", and who would after that spiked punch, and even after seeing their signatures on the license, they both continue to ignore their true feelings for each other and agree to continue the farce of their marriage, but with unexpected results.
With two stubborn hearts each destined to cause mayhem, and each destined to be together, there is no better read than A Cowboy's Darewhich delivers a gutsy western feel reminiscent of John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.
This western romance delivers just the right balance of comedy and drama to bring a beautiful love story to life.