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Opening Moves by Steven James

Opening Moves by Steven James (Signet Select [Penguin Books] 2012)
I searched and searched for a book in the line of Vince Flynn and Robert Ludlum. I wanted something with action but without the harsh language. I wanted something authentic, but not watered down. I wanted something that wasn't afraid to portray the reality of a criminal's mind. What I received with Steven James' Opening Moves well exceeded those expectations.
Steven James brings an unique style to the written world. Balancing two styles of point of view and at least three character point of views, the world he creates is astounding.
In Opening Moves, Steven James isn't afraid to delve into the mind of a serial killer of the like of Jeffery Dahmer. Never too gruesome, but written realistically, we watch as Patrick Bowers tries to solve the case which quickly becomes tangled with another and watch as his faith is slowly piqued.
When reading through Patrick's eyes, we are immersed in first person POV. …