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Author Highlight: AnnaLee Conti

I would like to introduce Ambassador International author AnnaLee Conti as today's guest on Rebel Book Reviews.

The Alaskan Waters Series are compelling novels that take the reader on a journey using descriptive details and beautiful prose. 
Here are what some are saying about the books:
"This is a very touching story of a young and brave woman who must face her unexpected past in order to move forward." ~ Amazon reviewer for Beside Still Waters
"This second book in her series was such a poignant reminder that God is a God of second chances." ~ Amazon reviewer for A Star to Steer By
"This is such an exceptional novel because it is richly filled with so much historical information from the gold miners who sought their own future in the Alaskan wilderness and how the railroad lines were laid at the cost of so many shows great courage to reach out for an unknown future like Violet does." ~ Barnes and Noble reviewer for Beside Still Waters