Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hearts of Fire by The Voice of the Martyrs

The Voice of the Martyrs
( The VOM Books 2015)

God will call anyone He chooses and these women prove that sometimes one must step up, be strong, and stand firm for Christ.
I shared this book on Facebook, urging others to read it. Here's my post: 
Voice of the Martyrs: this book is something I encourage everyone to read it. It will open your eyes about those who suffer for Christ. It will open your eyes to other religions who persecuted Christians (Islam, Hindu, Buddhism and various other tribal beliefs). It will rewrite your heart and soul and show you the true meaning of following Christ.
Even though these testimonies will span the decades, you will see similarities to today's culture and society as it were decades ago.
Instead of spending your money on a cola and junk food or even that lazy day when you purchase fast food; put off buying that shirt or shoes; take a small portion (only $12) out of your vacation fund; make a sacrifice and buy this book.
Don't be afraid to have your heart rewritten by God. This is one book that will give you hope and faith.

What more can I say than that? Sure I could break this down, talk about excerpts that stood out in my mind, and other virtues, but it would never be enough. What I posted on Facebook say it all: it will rewrite your heart and strengthen your hope and faith.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Bella Gets Rescued by Ellie Wakeman

(Ambassador International 2017) 

This is a cute story. Cat owners can relate to the behaviour that is seen in many of our pets and these behaviours are brought to life in the small story of Bella Gets Rescued.

The illustrations were soft and eye catching, a sure win for those little readers who delight in stories that are able to be told through the pictures. Not too long that it will lose the attention of the young reader and not too short that it rushes the story, this book is a perfect balance for a little child.

What's more is that Bella Gets Rescued has an underlying message to us all: we should not fear.
The parallel of being lost to Christ and then found is a major theme in this children's book.

I see this as a great Sunday School lesson, a homeschool lesson, or as an entertaining read that will stick with the little ones as they grow. Lessons of love, acceptance, patience, and thankfulness will gain a foothold all because of this beautiful little story.

This is a children's book that I can greatly recommend and I look forward to presenting it to my niece on her birthday. 

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Every Job a Parable by John Van Sloten

Every Job a Parable
What Walmart Greeters, Nurses & Astronauts
Tell Us About God
John Van Sloten
(NavPress 2017)

Again, it is rare that I find a book that just doesn't suit me. I'm honor bound to write a review, and although this isn't a negative review, per se, it is a review that is honest about what I thought of Every Job a Parable.

When I read about this book, read the blurb on the back, and the description I thought it would be how jobs, whether blue collar or white collar, can be a parable in Christian living. How awesome to see how a person's everyday living can be a testimony and how awesome that the author took the time to talk to these people....I was mistaken.

This wasn't a book that I expected it to be. The author expounds upon these jobs by relating what he had observed and then creating a sermon from it.

Some of the vocations mentioned were not what I would call a vocation and some of the "parables" seemed as though he really had to strive and stretch to make a point. Also, when he started writing about the seven deadly sins, I stopped reading.

All sins are deadly; and no sin is worse than another. Sin is sin. And although he does point this out, in a way of speaking, I realized that this isn't a book for me.

I don't know if I would recommend it. The writing seemed disjointed and the book seemed as though I was reading a very long, expansive sermon.

I do appreciate Tyndale Publishers for providing me a chance to read this book. I do hope that it will benefit other readers. 

***I received this book from Tyndale Publishers in exchange of an honest review*** 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter

Denise Hunter
(Thomas Nelson 2017)

This book struck a balance between the pros and cons. In my opinion, although the writing was solid, there were instances where delivery of the art was lacking.

Denise Hunter, in the vein of Song of Solomon, portrayed the sensuality and physical attraction between a married couple. Although these two were in the process of finalizing the divorce, the attraction was still there. The author toed the line (according to Christian fiction standards), never quite stepping over it, when it came to describe the lust, love, and attraction between the characters. There might have been one instance where a reader would say that God's name was taken in vain, but it depends on how the sentence is read.

The faith wasn't as strong in Sweetbriar Cottage as it were in her earlier books. Gladly, there were no more usage of mildly crude language that had appeared in some previous works.

Denise Hunter handled a very sensitive topic well, although I had wished for a little more depth to the subject. To me, a reader needed to know that Josephine's past attack was what spurred her behavior all those years prior to her relationship with Noah. We see a little bit of it in the masterfully way the author handled the flashbacks; but, I felt as though the reader needed to see more of her brokenness in order to understand her doubts and fears.

The one pet peeve that I had with the book was the use of "much obliged". I have never known a late 20s to mid 30s (not even a 40s) Southern man or woman use the term "much obliged". Even though it's Southern, that phrase has fallen out of favor and usage. Thankfully, it stopped before the halfway point.

I will say this about Sweetbriar Cottage: I liked the way the book was written. The story, although predictable, was a great way to show that faith in following God and exercising forgiveness. Not all stories are what they seem. There's always more to it, and this book is no exception. The style was more reminiscent of the older way of writing books, and that sometimes took the emotional impact away.

Would I recommend this book? Yes. The sensuality is nothing to be ashamed of in this book. It showed the beauty of a married couple who still loved each other. I wouldn't recommend it to a younger teenager, though.

For a while I stopped reading Denise Hunter's books, but this one may have opened the gate to reading a few more. 

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***I received this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange of an honest review***