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Final Grains of Sand by David Harder

Final Grains of Sand  by David Harder (Ambassador International 2018)

We all end up judging others based on what we know: but do we really know a person? Do we really know a person's life? We only glimpse that which is shown to us. And Final Grains of Sand takes the reader along a journey in learning more about James and who he was: friend, son, brother, father, and husband.
This is one of those books that will definitely stick with the reader. 

While reading, there were instances where I did not like the technique of writing used, but the story trumped technique. And that is the most important thing: can the author tell a great story. And for me, David Harder does just that. 
He told a wonderful story with a great message. Not many authors can successfully execute the omniscient point of view and keep the transitions smooth and flowing. Final Grains of Sand does exactly that: smooth and flowing writing that pulls the reader into the story.

The characters were fully developed and comple…

Author Hightlight: Joanie Bruce

Today's guest on Rebel Book Reviews is Ambassador International author, Joanie Bruce. She has written three suspense novels: Alana Candler, Marked for Murder, A Memory Worth Dying For, and Murder for the Time Being; plus, she has illustrated a children's book authored by Carrie Daws: A New Home for Allie.

Read below to learn more about Joanie Bruce and where you can connect with her.

RBR: If you had to break out of your comfort zone to write a novel, what genre would it be? Why would it be different from your normal style?
JB: I LOVE historical novels, so if I were to veer away from the suspense genre, I would try a book set in the old, old west. It would take a lot of research, but I'm sure it would be fun. I would still like to add a touch of suspense to the story. What can I say? Suspenseful stories are my favorite.
RBR: Readers enjoy to read about different locales. What would be the one place you would love to have as a setting for one of your novels? What makes that plac…

Author Highlight: AnnaLee Conti

I would like to introduce Ambassador International author AnnaLee Conti as today's guest on Rebel Book Reviews.

The Alaskan Waters Series are compelling novels that take the reader on a journey using descriptive details and beautiful prose. 
Here are what some are saying about the books:
"This is a very touching story of a young and brave woman who must face her unexpected past in order to move forward." ~ Amazon reviewer for Beside Still Waters
"This second book in her series was such a poignant reminder that God is a God of second chances." ~ Amazon reviewer for A Star to Steer By
"This is such an exceptional novel because it is richly filled with so much historical information from the gold miners who sought their own future in the Alaskan wilderness and how the railroad lines were laid at the cost of so many shows great courage to reach out for an unknown future like Violet does." ~ Barnes and Noble reviewer for Beside Still Waters

Author Highlight: Matthew J. Romano

This week I would like to introduce Ambassador International author Matthew J. Romano as our second guest for the Rebel Book Reviews Author Highlight series.
His book The Call: An Invitation to Revival and Transformation is a book that will have the readers pondering and immersing themselves into God's word. Written with blunt honesty and unconditional love, The Call is truly a transformative book.
Here are what a couple of people have to say about it.
Rev. Juan Garcia, life coach to NBA and NFL players and author of The Men's Struggle Cycle, writes, "This book is a gem. Get ready to go on a journey of discovery and ultimate transformation that will challenge ever aspect of your purpose in Christ."
Bill Paige of Hope on a Rope: Lifelines for Knuckleheads says this: "What an incredible book. It was refreshing and convicting for my own personal life."
Here is what I think of The Call. One of the best questions asked: "How can you use the sword [the Bibl…