Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mission of a Lifetime by Priscilla J. Krahn

(Ambassador International 2017) 

Mission of a Lifetime is not the typical action adventure story you would think. What makes this book so unique is its author.

Priscilla J. Krahn is able to take her perspective on life as a 20 year old author and incorporate it into the main character's life. Not many people can portray the true thoughts, feelings, and behaviour of a young adult, much less a young man. I feel his sorrow and doubt.

But this author not only delivers a great character and an extremely well written character arc, but also a fast paced adventure. I'm in the middle of the steamy jungle. I hear the sounds and the silence. My heart races along with the characters.

Set in the jungles of Columbia, Willie is determined to find his parents, but at what cost? From the many hazards of the jungle to the dangers of an organized cartel, Willie has to make spur of the moments decisions and still be able to stay true to his faith.

The pacing of the book will have the reader slowly settling in for a good read to suddenly turning pages to see if Willie and Alano can escape the pitfall they fell into.

On a deeper note, this book brought to light many questions about faith. How far is too far? Can we truly rely upon God? Will He see us through hardships and danger? Can we overcome our past? Is forgiveness really the answer?

The ending is more than I had expected. It was more than I thought anyone could ever write. It truly showed the awesome power of God at work.

Is this a recommended read? Absolutely!
I would classify this as an Young Adult book that every reader would enjoy. Mission of a Lifetime was a joy to read.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Reliant by Dr. Patrick Johnston

(Ambassador International 2017) 

Normally I try to think of words that will not only flow but do justice to the book. Not this time. This will be one of my rawest reviews on a book.

I couldn't find a single thing that I didn't like about this book. The writing and flow was seamless, taking me down a journey that wouldn't let up. I had to keep turning the page to see what happened. The author's use of flashbacks were masterfully executed. I have never read a book that could handle flashbacks so smoothly.

The emotional impact was strong. I would get mad at a character. Sometimes I just wanted to fuss and yell at Sophie or Jimmy. I would want to wring their necks; then I find myself cheering them on, hoping against all odds that things go their way. 

That's a sign of a good story. One that hooks the reader, reels the reader in, and then captures the reader until the very last word is read.

Sophie and Jimmy's character arcs were superb. Even the younger children's growth could be seen. And what happens with Jack was surprising. (Don't know Jack? Read the book! Well worth the surprise Jack has in store for the reader.)

There were twists to the story line. Just when I thought it would end, something happens that spurs the story down another path. Just when I thought the kids were going to let evil and sin get the better of them, love shines through....and always in an unexpected way.

The faith element was heavy, but not unnatural. This is a family defined by their faith so it makes sense that it is their faith they cling to in times of trouble. Hard questions are confronted. There were no easy, sugar coated answers. It was an in your face, honest, and raw reality that the characters had to endure.

Scary thing about this book is that any day could be like what they had to experience. Our country is always on the precipice where one wrong move will send our world into a freefall.

As I read The Reliant, the theme of forgiveness and relying upon God is ever present, expertly woven throughout the chapters.

I look forward to seeing the movie. Yes, that is right: The Reliant will soon be a major motion picture. Here is the link to Facebook where you can follow the news and production: https://www.facebook.com/TheReliantMovie/

I am extremely happy that I had the chance to read this book and I will definitely shelve this novel as a keeper. 

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Shadowed Eden by Katie Clark

(Watershed Books 2015)

I read Vanquished by Katie Clark, so I was extremely excited to read Shadowed Eden. Extremely excited pales in comparison on how this book pulled me in and kept me lashed to the pages as I read.

Like the "Eden" Avery and Luca came across, the hours seemed like minutes as I read. There were parts that had me scratching my head, but that only spurred me to read more to find the answer.

I wasn't sure about the representation of a cherubim in the book, especially since they are known to have four faces....but then if you look at the words in the Bible about four faces, it could be four angels. There isn't much that we know about Eden, other than we CANNOT enter.

Katie Clark takes that "what-if we could" and spins an entrancing story about The Garden of Eden. I wasn't sure about the portrayal of the angels, but then it was a book that touched on ideas that are not as concrete as others so it allowed for artistic bent. And this book is an artistic bent to show the depth of humanity and our salvation.

Each character was well developed. Their emotions oscillated exactly as a real person would do, especially those in young adulthood. 

Shadowed Eden provided a great story, a compelling read, and one that I would recommend to many young adults. 

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