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Vanquished by Katie Clark

Vanquished by Katie Clark (Pelican Book Group 2014)
It is a time of Greaters, Middles, and Lessers...until that time is challenged by a few....

Dystopian novels are one of the more popular novels. Dystopian Young Adult novels seem to be the rage among them. Vanquished delivers not only a truly unique dystopian tale, but one that is full of true young adult material.
Many books leave the reader questioning if he/she really read a book told through a teenager's eyes. The angst may be there, but where's the character growth, the battle between adulthood and childhood? 
With Katie Clark's Vanquished, Hana is shown at the cusp of womanhood. She has her tendencies to act immature, but to also question and push the boundaries of her rigid surroundings.
Her bravery at not backing down to discover the truth, her wisdom in discerning what to do and when to do it, and her desire to learn the truth about the Greaters set in motion a tale that far surpass most books I have read.
Throughout the…