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2018 Highlight

As the year draws to a close I realized that I haven't been as active about posting reviews, and for that, dear followers, I am truly sorry. Many issues interfered that caused me to not be able to post reviews, but it is my intention that with the first of 2019 you will have a new format and new reviews that will bring new stories to you.

Most of these highlights I will list can be found at Goodreads;they will be in no particular order, other than the date I read them. For those that I found to be quite good and a book that sticks with me long after I close the book, I will put a golden heart đź’›beside them.

1. The Sex Spiral by Dustin Danielsđź’›

"This isn't a "self-help" book nor a 12-step guide to overcome addiction to sex and pornography. This book starts with how to view this addiction; hence, the title of the book, addiction is seen as a spiral. One that quickly spins out of control and consumes a life."

2. The Call: An Invitation to Revival and Transfor…