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Author Highlight: Matthew J. Romano

This week I would like to introduce Ambassador International author Matthew J. Romano as our second guest for the Rebel Book Reviews Author Highlight series.
His book The Call: An Invitation to Revival and Transformation is a book that will have the readers pondering and immersing themselves into God's word. Written with blunt honesty and unconditional love, The Call is truly a transformative book.
Here are what a couple of people have to say about it.
Rev. Juan Garcia, life coach to NBA and NFL players and author of The Men's Struggle Cycle, writes, "This book is a gem. Get ready to go on a journey of discovery and ultimate transformation that will challenge ever aspect of your purpose in Christ."
Bill Paige of Hope on a Rope: Lifelines for Knuckleheads says this: "What an incredible book. It was refreshing and convicting for my own personal life."
Here is what I think of The Call. One of the best questions asked: "How can you use the sword [the Bibl…

Author Highlight: Carrie Daws

To start off the first of Rebel Book Reviews Author Highlight series, I would like to welcomeCarrie Daws, author the newly released children's book A New Home for Allie.

A New Home for Allie is a wonderful children's book for those children who experience a lot of uprooting and relocation in their lives, especially those in military families. Carrie has a soft spot for the military families since she has lived the life. She has not only written a children's book, but there are several fiction and nonfiction titles available to her readers. You can view the variety she offers here: Carrie Daws.

Her new book comes with great endorsements by authors many readers may recognize: Carrie Fancett Pagels, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, Edie Melson, Jocelyn Green, and Patricia Beal.

<RBR> If you have to break out of your comfort zone to write a novel, what genre would it be? Why would it be different from your normal style?
<CD> I love to read historical fiction, particula…