Author Highlight: Matthew J. Romano

This week I would like to introduce Ambassador International author Matthew J. Romano as our second guest for the Rebel Book Reviews Author Highlight series.
The Call: An Invitation to Revival and Transformation takes the reader on a journey of spiritual awakening alongside the author. Each chapter inspires the reader to answer “The Call” of God toward freedom, holiness, and purpose. This book will mentor people to hear the voice of God, think with the mind of Christ, be alert to the tactics of Satan, engage in spiritual warfare, learn to pray and meditate on the promises of God, and much more.”

His book The Call: An Invitation to Revival and Transformation is a book that will have the readers pondering and immersing themselves into God's word. Written with blunt honesty and unconditional love, The Call is truly a transformative book.

Here are what a couple of people have to say about it.

Rev. Juan Garcia, life coach to NBA and NFL players and author of The Men's Struggle Cycle, writes, "This book is a gem. Get ready to go on a journey of discovery and ultimate transformation that will challenge ever aspect of your purpose in Christ."

Bill Paige of Hope on a Rope: Lifelines for Knuckleheads says this: "What an incredible book. It was refreshing and convicting for my own personal life."

Here is what I think of The Call.
One of the best questions asked: "How can you use the sword [the Bible] of the Spirit to defeat your giant? Are your words to people reckless or do they bring encouragement and healing to others?" (My words in brackets.) The Call will leave the reader hungry for God's Word and quietly introspective about his/her spiritual growth."

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Read more about Matthew Romano below.

RBR: If you had to break out of your comfort zone to write a novel, what genre would it be? Why would it be different from your normal style?

MJR: If I had to break out of my comfort zone it would be to write a fictional book. I'm currently thinking about writing one after my next project. It would be how I envision the church very near the end times. The plot is still a work in progress. The challenge for me would be to create characters the reader can relate with, and write it in a way that stays true to the Word of God and its end times prophecies.

RBR: Readers enjoy to read about different locales. What would be the one place you would love to have as a setting for one of your novels? What makes that place appealing to you?

MJR: The place that would be appealing to me as a setting for a novel would be within the nation of Israel. The rich biblical history is what attracts me. 

RBR: Authors are readers, too. Do you have a favorite author or book? What is a quote from that author/book that you like?

MJR: I love to read and have a collection of about 500 books. It's hard for me to pinpoint a favorite author or book. The books I enjoy the most are those that speak to the season of life I'm in while reading them. They become like water to my soul enabling greater spiritual growth. Some of these books were Secrets to Spiritual Power and Full of Grace and Truth by Watchman Nee. Abraham Lincoln: A Man of Faith and Courage by Joe Wheeler. God's Will: Our Dwelling Place by Andrew Murray. These are a few of the many books that have made an impact on my life. 

RBR: What is your favorite parable in the Bible? What is it about that parable that you like?

MJR: The Prodigal son is one of my favorite parables because I have seen myself in this story. Like the prodigal, I too had to make my way back to the Father after living in a pigpen for almost a decade. 

RBR: Share a piece of your book, you favorite part, for the reader.

MJR: Quote from the conclusion in Chapter 17 "The Enemy of Purpose"

~Before a sculptor begins shaping his masterpiece, he has a vision of what he wants to create. He begins with shapeless raw materials, such as a block of stone or marble. He starts chiseling the material to mirror what he sees in his mind. As he crafts his vision, he is not frustrated because it is not yet completed. He takes joy in the work of his hands as art begins to take shape and reflect the image he had envisioned. It is the same process for God. God also has a vision for us to become like Christ. He sees us as perfect, without spot or blemish in Christ. He is gradually shaping and chiseling us to reflect His Son. He works on our hearts with joy and He is not angry or upset because we are not yet finished, but rather He takes delight in doing the work that He knows will eventually be finished.~

I am a servant of the Lord called to help others in my sphere of influence accomplish their purpose in life. I have been a Steamfitter for over 20 years and recently married to my wife, Amanda.

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