Hope by Josephine Walker

Josephine Walker
(Ambassador International 2015)

I watched this novel grow form first line to its final. It's not your typical mystery. It's not your typical romance. It's not your typical novel.

Jessica needed a new life. What she received was a new hope, a new love, a new chapter, basically a renewing of spirit.

Jo Walker has a way that sucks you into a story. This was no cozy mystery. I was surprised to discover the "ghost"; but looking back the clues were there. This was no simple romance. Jessica finds love in the most surprising places, most of all from God. The budding relationship between Jessica, Clint, and Timmy was heartwarming.

A line from the book: "like a gentle rain bringing peace in the middle of turmoil", Hope gives the reader just that, hope. Hope for a future. Hope fro a new beginning. And hope for healing.

Jo did an excellent job and I've already read the book twice and plan to read it again, and again!


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