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20th Christmas by Andrea Rodgers

20th Christmas by Andrea Rodgers (Ambassador International 2014)
There are hardly any books out there that can be written in passive storytelling, such as Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and Margaret Mitchell, and still hold fast to the reader's attention. To write this way is to balance a precarious load in equal portions of narrative, backstory, and dialogue. Many fall short and I'm not able to read beyond the 3rd chapter.

Twice I sat this story aside. Not because I became bored or because of novice writing, but because I had to ponder what I read.
Experiencing death is one thing, but experiencing the endless unknown is another.
Writing this type of story is a major undertaking; reading this type of story is a major blessing.
No one is Job. No one can be found as perfect and upright as God saw Job. Things happen to strengthen our walk, our faith, and our love. God answers prayers and not always and most times never with "our" timeframe.
20th Christmas brings this t…