Azar, Judy                I AM THAT I AM
Banks, Abby            Follow Him Anyway
Butler, Katherine J.  Bible Promises to Live by for Women
Brownells, Ada        Confessions of a Pentecostal
Corder, Shirley         Strength Renewed
Crory, Joan               Following Wherever He Leads
Dallas, William        Scientists Discover God
Daniels, Dustin        The Sex Spiral
Dupler, Chimene S. The High Calling of Motherhood
Gareis, L. and S.      Declutter Now!
Lozano, Neal            Unbound
Lusko, Levi              Swipe Right
Martin, Torry            Of Moose and Men
Morrisey, K. and E.  God's Lineup: Testimonies of Major League Baseball Players
Muntean, John          Willing to Die
Romano, Matthew    The Call
Slattery, Dr. Juli        25 Questions
Stanley, Charles        The Gift of Heaven
Toscano, Noelle        Prized! 
Van Sloten, John       Every Job a Parable
VOM Books              Hearts of Fire: eight stores of women in the underground church... 


Blackston, Ray          Flabbergasted
Brown, Carole           The Redemption of Caralynn Hayman
Gustafson, Eleanor    Dynamo
Harder, David           Final Grains of Sand
Howard, Kathy M.    From Dishes to Snow
                                  From Driftwood to Sapphire
Hunt, Angela            Uncharted
Johnston, Dr. P.         The Reliant
Jones, Hildreth D.     The First Gardner
Hitchcock, M.           The Coming Apostasy
Kahler, Clay A.         The Fallen
McCauley, Rose A.   Surrender to Peace
Renner, D'Ann          Dancing from the Shadows
Rodgers, Andrea       the 2oth Christmas
                                  Caged Dove


Asenato, Lisa             Pirate by Night
Billerbeck, Kristin     The Scent of Rain
Blare, Renee              Beast of Stratton 
Breslin, Kate              Not By Sight
Cabot, Amanda          Waiting for Spring
                                   With Autumn's Return
                                   At Bluebonnet Lake
                                   A Stolen Heart
Davy, Wendy             Summer's Flame
Eakes, Laurie A.        A Lady's Honor
                                   Choices of the Heart
                                   The Mountain Midwife
                                   The Glassblower
Hilton, Laura V.         The Post Card
                                   The Amish Firefighter
Hunter, Denise           Sweetbriar Cottage
Isaac, Karen               Can't Help Falling
Kemerer, Jill               Her Small-Town Romance
Thompson, Lucy        Mail Order Surprise
                                   A Cowboy's Dare
Tyndall, M.L.             The Redemption
Urban, Mary A.          Tapestry of Trust
White, Roseanna M.   The Lost Heiress
                                    The Reluctant Duchess
                                    A Lady Unrivaled
Wiseman, Beth            The Wonder of Your Love
Wisler, Alice J.            How Sweet It Is


Boge, Bartholomew   Regarding Tiberius
Britz, Rachel               Good-bye, Lover
Byrd, Sandra               Mists of Midnight
Cambron, Kristy         The Butterfly and the Violin
Cossette, Connilyn      Counted With the Stars
                                    Shadow of the Storm
Davis, Susan Page       The Seafaring Women of the Vera B.
Diorio, MaryAnn         The Madonna of Pisano
van Dyke, Henry          The Story of the Other Wise Man
Gregory, Texie S.         Slender Reeds
Harlow, Beth                The Journal
Marasco, Ron               The Dog Who Was There
Taylor, Donn                Lightning on a Quiet Night
Towriss, Carole            In the Shadow of Sinai  


Blackstock, Terri          Predator
                                     If I Run
                                     If I'm Found
Bruce, Joanie               Alana Candler: Marked for Murder
                                    A Memory Worth Dying For
Cantore, Janice           Crisis Shot 
Dellosso, Mike            Darlington Woods
                                    Darkness Follows
                                    Rearview (7 Hours #1)
Doran, Bonnie            Dark Biology
Forkey, Elizabeth        Infectious
Grady, Shawn             Through the Fire
                                    Tomorrow We Die
                                    Falls Like Lightning
James, Steven              Opening Moves
Jewell, S.A.                Blink
Johnson, Todd M.       Fatal Trust 
Kelly, Clint                 the 17
Krahn, Priscilla J.       Mission of a Lifetime
O'shea, Jim                 The Linen God
Parshall, Craig            The Occupied
Petersheim, Jolina      The Alliance
                                   The Divide (The Alliance #2)
Taylor, Donn               Deadly Additive
Tenery, V.B.                The Watchman
Travis, Therese M.      Fixing Perfect 
Wegley, H.L.               On the Pineapple Express 


Aiken, Ginny               Design on a Crime
Blake, Amy C.             Whitewashed
Walker, Josephine        Hope

Children's/Young Adult:

Bedtime Read and Rhyme Bible Stories
NKJV: Airship Genesis Kid's Study Bible

Avery, B./M. Harmon   Paul the Apostle
Berenstain, J. & M.      The Berenstain Bears Easter Fun
Blackmore, LeAnne     God's Name is a Tower
Clark, Katie                  Vanquished
                                     Shadowed Eden
                                     The Rejected Princess
Fischer, Jean                Precious Moments Little Book of Bible Stories
Gallier, Laura               The Delusion
Hunt, Angela Elwell     The Sleeping Rose
Scott, R. Mitchell         A Donkey's Little Tale
Smith, April                  Loving Grace
Smith, Katie Cruice      Why Did You Choose Me?
Stiegemeyer, Julie         God's Little Lambs Bible Stories 
Wakeman, Ellie             Bella Gets Rescued


Busse, Morgan              Daughter of Light
                                      Son of Truth
                                      Heir of Hope
Buck, Victoria               Wake the Dead
Carr, Patrick                  Shattered Vigil
Lang, Simon                 The Eisernon Series
Pettit, Chad                   Fate of the Watchman 
Regnier, Paul                Space Drifters
Schooley, Marc             Konig's Fire
Williamson, Jill            The Blood of Kings Trilogy   


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