The Glassblower by Laurie Alice Eakes

Laurie Alice Eakes
(Barbour 2009)

You can find many a novel that deals with life issues, romantic tensions, suspense, or mysteries. Harder to find are the novels that allow you to escape into a bygone era and leaves you not only relaxed but with a greater appreciation of the written word.

Laurie Alice Eakes' novel The Glassblower does just that. It's a sweet, clean, romance with a happy ending. More importantly, at least to me, is how the novel is written to show that when we rely upon God and trust Him in all things then our future is protected and secured.

Some of the best stories do not need layers and layers of subplots. A story of a new romance in a new America, a story of God's unfailing love, and a story of unflinching morality places this book in line with many of the classical writers. In a way, The Glassblower reminds me of Henry van Dyke's books, The Story of the Other Wise Man and The Blue Flower--and that's high praise indeed.


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