Flabbergasted by Ray Blackston

Ray Blackston
(Revell 2003)

 In the lofty words of R. Blackston, Flabbergasted begat humor, humor begat more snarky humor, which begat truth, and truth begat life.

Like the Atlantic beaches, the words breeze into the mind and leaves the reader buoyant with a smile and in anticipation of what will happen next to Jay.

I would say that the magic didn't happen when Jay walked into North Hills. Nor did it happen when he join the singles class or labeled the women on the beach The Numericals. It happened when a blond food-throwing imp invited him to drift in the Atlantic. At that moment, Jay began to learn how God will direct your path and never in a way you could ever predict.

This novel is layered in humor, love, romance, and truth. Peel each back, like an onion of truth because it can make you cry tears either through laughter or honest, heart stabbing directness, and the reader will find more than just a novel, more than just a fictional tale.

Somewhere within the Journey of Jay, within vowels and consonants, between lines of ink and language, is a small voice that pricks the soul, nibbles away like the blue insect, that makes you question: where do my roots grow?

I highly recommend this novel to anyone.



  1. If you enjoyed this, you'll be pleased to know the sequels are just as good!

    1. It's my goal to purchase the rest of his books. :)


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