Rearview (7 Hours #1) by Mike Dellosso

(Tyndale 2012)

Ever wish you could go back into time? An hour? Three hours? Maybe even seven or a day? Would it be enough time to change a regret? Or would it be enough time to do what you really believed was more important?

Mike Dellosso brings you into that world. Only seven hours. Seven hours for anytime you choose, and then death. And time is always on his side.

The story amazes me with the depth of symbolism it shows: from town names and mirrors to the importance of the number seven. Above all it shows how one moment in time in which you choose a path it can forever alter not only your life but the life of someone else--a type of pay it forward, if you will.

With a Stephen King flair and a Dean Koontz mastery, Mike Dellosso captures the reader and sends them traveling down a road where time speeds past and your only glimpse of it is through the rearview mirror.

And make no mistake, this is an entertaining read, an emotionally packed story, but is laced with beautiful threads of hope and inspiration for the reader.


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