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Loving Grace by April Smith

Loving Grace by April Smith  (Ambassador International 2018)
Loving Grace is an Young Adult novel that echoes the novels of the 80's and early 90's.
Written from a teenager's point of view, we see the ups and downs, the angst, and the indecisions that only come with those teenage years.
Although slow and slightly choppy in the beginning, the writing and storyline evened out and flowed extremely well. With Loving Grace the reader is immersed into the world of the Watermelon pageants and watermelon farms, complete with the expectations and responsibilities of each.
At times it read as though some points within the story seemed contrived; but, they paled in contrast to the whole story. This isn't a simple romance, but a story of forgiveness, growth, and acceptance.
Each chapter brought me a little closer to the truth and what kept Grace from being trusting of Beau. And it is a doozy! The emotional depth portrayed was well written and I felt compassion and empathy for both c…

The Call by Matthew J. Romano

The Call An Invitation to Revival and Transformation by  Matthew J. Romano (Ambassador International 2018)

"The atmosphere within the United States and most of the world is ripe for another great spiritual awakening."
This book is design to deepen your walk with God, to don your armor, and to prepare you and teach you to be alert to the tactics used by Satan.
There were many passages I bookmarked for later referencing.
Matthew Romano isn't shy about calling out those who preach false doctrine, such as one losing his/her salvation. Or even how the world's view of mediation is exact opposite of biblical mediation.
Also in this book, a person learns more about idols in life and how to tear down those idols and put God first in all things.
Unlike many books on the same subject, this isn't a book that preaches or list biblical references. No. Matthew Romano speaks from experience, guiding the reader through his own life and spiritual growth, and how came to the truth.

The Sex Spiral by Dustin Daniels

The Sex Spiral Forgiven and Free from Pornography by  Dustin Daniels (Ambassador International 2018)

"There is a direct correlation between the confusion and apathy within our churches and the pandemic of pornography in our pews. Unfortunately, the statistics are too big to quote and we don't believe them when we do. How is it possible that so many Christians are addicted to pornography?"
And with those statements, Dustin Daniels brings a reader a book that delves into the world of sex addiction. Whether some people want to admit or not, sex addiction does abound and a prime target is a Christian.
This isn't a "self-help" book nor a 12-step guide to overcome addiction to sex and pornography. This book starts with how to view this addiction; hence, the title of the book, addiction is seen as a spiral. One that quickly spins out of control and consumes a life.
The first pages explain this and the biblical view of sexuality. It then defines sexual sin: adultery,…