The Sex Spiral by Dustin Daniels

The Sex Spiral
Forgiven and Free from Pornography
(Ambassador International 2018)

"There is a direct correlation between the confusion and apathy within our churches and the pandemic of pornography in our pews. Unfortunately, the statistics are too big to quote and we don't believe them when we do. How is it possible that so many Christians are addicted to pornography?"

And with those statements, Dustin Daniels brings a reader a book that delves into the world of sex addiction. Whether some people want to admit or not, sex addiction does abound and a prime target is a Christian.

This isn't a "self-help" book nor a 12-step guide to overcome addiction to sex and pornography. This book starts with how to view this addiction; hence, the title of the book, addiction is seen as a spiral. One that quickly spins out of control and consumes a life.

The first pages explain this and the biblical view of sexuality. It then defines sexual sin: adultery, divorce, fornication, homosexuality, masturbation, polygamy, pornography, prostitution, and rape. Each are explained and supported as sin with biblical references.

As said, this isn't a 12-step program, but a book written by an author who is transparent about his own addiction and the 12 triggers of the sin spiral that lead to an addiction. 

The Sex Spiral teaches the reader God's design for sexuality and how, with Jesus' grace, a person can exit the spiral with a purity plan.

Whether your addiction is pornography, adultery, or lustful thoughts (think about those secular romances or movies with sex scenes and where thoughts go during those scenes) this book helps a person gain freedom from a bondage they may never have known about or recognized.

Written with raw honesty Dustin Daniels doesn't preach. He writes his words lovingly and with no sugar coating.

Definitely a book I would recommend to every person. Even if you don't have this kind of addiction, it will help you in understanding those that do; and will help you in ministering to them.


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