Good-Bye, Lover by Rachel Britz

(Ambassador International 2015)

"...I was beginning to feel as though this call to adventure was more or less a quest to awaken from within." (Good-Bye, Lover, p.140)

Layered within this book are themes of awakening of spirit and love, following God's path, and trusting in Him. From a deep loss, Nora arrives at the cusp of womanhood where she finds some dreams are just that and some dreams are promises.

I enjoyed the way the lyrical prose brought to life the deep richness of the Irish brogue and its emerald beauty. Emotion and logic danced a waltz through each page. As Nora faced each day learning what it meant to be who she was called to be I felt as though I was walking that path along with her. I even cheered for her when her Irish temper allowed her to make a stand for what was right no matter the cost.

The title added another layer of symbolism. Giving up a dream doesn't mean giving up a life.

As Jack said, who I found to be the perfect allegory to Christ, "know this, even though you may not see me, I am always with you."

Nora learned that He would always be with her and new dreams would unfold.

Highly recommended for anyone. A perfect and sweet romantic tale written as from the days of old.


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