A Memory Worth Dying For by Joanie Bruce

A Memory Worth Dying For
(2014 Ambassador International)

Hashtag: that was a good book.

I enjoyed the character's quirky saying of "Hashtag" in front of her phrases. 

The story somewhat held my interest to the end, and I did enjoy the book. Returning characters from the previous Joanie Bruce book added a cute dimension.

Some of the idioms used were lost on me, and I had to google them to find out what they meant. I remembered my grandmother saying it at times, though.

I understood the main character's determination to stay in Texas, and that she would not allow anyone to veer her off course. Kudos to her. Toward the middle I figured out what must have happened in the beginning and was pleasantly pleased to know that I was right.

If you like clean books, if you like suspense books, then A Memory Worth Dying For is perfect. Yes, it did seem a little preachy at times, but the characters were like that and the faith was an organic and natural thread throughout. 

I love Marti's development of faith, or her returning faith I should say. Joanie Bruce did a great job with her second novel.


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