Summer's Flame by Wendy Davy

Summer's Flame

It is not often that I find a sweet romance where the romance is the central theme. Yes there were a couple of conflicts that vamped the tension and added a nice contrast to the steady pace. The title held multiple meanings which makes a nice bonus.

I could relate to Summer's reluctance to love a firefighter. I empathized with Riley and Zack. The heartache they felt was genuinely written. Aiden's strong determination was endearing and swoon worthy.

This isn't a deep novel. It's a sweet story of how two people had to trust in God and in each other. 

It didn't end abruptly. It ended in a way that would make the reader set the book down, stare out the window, and sigh, contemplating the words she just read.

Another thing that drew me to this book was that the proceeds go to a charity called Food For The Poor. I've been on both sides of spectrum and it thrills me that someone would think about people and do something about it.

I encourage everyone who reads this review to purchase this book and make a difference. Not only would you help others, but you will gain a delightful read. 


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