Wake the Dead by Victoria Buck

Wake the Dead
(Pelican Book Group 2014) 

 You read the title and wonder, "What will this book be about?". The title, Wake the Dead, has a dual meaning. One: wake as in resuscitate a person, who either died or fainted, and two: wake a person who is dead in Christ.

In the not so impossible future, transhumanism becomes a concept. The constitution is gone. Government controls all: people, economy, entertainment, etc. But as with all control and absolute power, there are those who rebel and who will fight back.

Chase believed in his illusion of the life he led, until it was taken away from his perceived control. Then it became a battle of will, of his mind and body, and of his soul.

Throughout the book I ran into symbolism and truth. Truth about what can happen and what probably would happen in our future based on our society now. This book is a wake up call in fiction form. 

And fine form it is. It held me captive; with bated breath I kept pushing myself well into the night to read; and I cried at the loss and raw emotion portrayed.

There is nothing that can be said about how wonderfully well written this futuristic book is. Nothing can describe how much of an impact it makes. I can tear it apart, analyze it piece by piece and still find new elements within. It will give a reader pure enjoyment and deep thought. It is eye-opening.

The development in the character was a natural progression. At times he did things that appalled me (the cat for instance, but I keep hoping he used one of his abilities to give people that perception) and at times he surprised me.

If you haven't read Wake the Dead, please purchase a copy soon. It is an amazing book.  


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