Paul the Apostle by Ben Avery/Mark Harmon


When I came across the chance to read and review a graphic novel, I jumped at it. The kid inside me still loves to read graphic novels/comic books, and I wanted to see how this one played out. There are a lot of comic books out there for children and some of them are Christian based. Although they touched upon and gave highlights to the story, I never really found one that would pull a reader in.

Until now.

The story of Paul starts at the very beginning. With the science fiction flair, Star Wars inspired vehicles en lieu of camels, donkeys, and horses, and the variety of animals and aliens used for the characters, this book will be a sure winner for that child who loves science fiction and fantasy.

The way it is written reminds me a little of Brian Jacques' Redwall series and The Adventures of the Book of Virtues

Most of us know the story of Saul who later became Paul. The man who persecuted Christians, but became the man who was the biggest believer and who preached love and virtue. 

Reading through the book, and actually viewing the artwork, it seemed as though those books of the Bible became more real and more relevant than ever. Some things were given a deeper meaning because it was no longer something imagined, but something seen.

The Biblical components are sound in this book. There is no scraping over, lightly touching, or sugar coating. It's as real as a graphic novel can get (barring the sci-fi'ness of it).

To me, if you have a hesitant reader, but one who loves the artwork and storyline of graphic novels, then this is the perfect book for that reader. It is an inspiration and a motivator.

This is a book that I have enjoyed and plan to keep on my shelf. Highly recommended!

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