Shadowed Eden by Katie Clark

(Watershed Books 2015)

I read Vanquished by Katie Clark, so I was extremely excited to read Shadowed Eden. Extremely excited pales in comparison on how this book pulled me in and kept me lashed to the pages as I read.

Like the "Eden" Avery and Luca came across, the hours seemed like minutes as I read. There were parts that had me scratching my head, but that only spurred me to read more to find the answer.

I wasn't sure about the representation of a cherubim in the book, especially since they are known to have four faces....but then if you look at the words in the Bible about four faces, it could be four angels. There isn't much that we know about Eden, other than we CANNOT enter.

Katie Clark takes that "what-if we could" and spins an entrancing story about The Garden of Eden. I wasn't sure about the portrayal of the angels, but then it was a book that touched on ideas that are not as concrete as others so it allowed for artistic bent. And this book is an artistic bent to show the depth of humanity and our salvation.

Each character was well developed. Their emotions oscillated exactly as a real person would do, especially those in young adulthood. 

Shadowed Eden provided a great story, a compelling read, and one that I would recommend to many young adults. 

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