Killswitch by Victoria Buck

Victoria Buck
(Pelican Book Group 2016)

Although not as captivating as the first book, Wake the Dead, Killswitch did offer its own list of merits.

It centered mainly about the underground church and how Chase tried to insert himself in this strange life of people who are far different from the world he lived in.

The Christianity portrayed in this book is strong, and at times it felt too strong for me. I did have a problem with the people thinking that lying was a sin. Remember Rahab and her blessing for her lie that protect God's people? Only the bearing of false witness aka lying to harm another is a sin. So that part kind of bothered me, especially when the theft of supplies wasn't frowned upon. (Of course the theft was needed to survive.)

The narrative was at times jilted and I was left with filling in the blanks to obtain the picture needed. BUT that didn't keep me from reading. This story wasn't about the action or the underground church versus the WR. It was about Chase. And all about Chase.

On that note, the book brought the deep impact of Chase's actions and reactions to his new world. The reader will see him evolve from a man who thought he could save the people, to a man who had it all taken from him (again), and finally to the man who surrendered to a higher power which gave him strength he never knew he had.

I look forward to the next installment. I have to know what happens in Detroit! And I have to know the answers to the questions that Killswitch left me with.


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