The Watchman by V.B. Tenery

The Watchman
V.B. Tenery
(Pelican Book Group 2014) 

He can't save the world....but he can try.

With special abilities, Noah will try to use his power for good and for the glory of the Lord.  As a P.I. Noah takes on a pro bono style case that soon becomes meshed with two others. Not everything is as it appears and sometimes those guardian angels have to call in reinforcements in order to protect God's children, sometimes from their own stupidity, Noah included.

This is a well paced book, with plenty of action, just enough grit, and a whole lot of faith. The readers are given moments of down time to recover from the last high impact action before the next page hurdles them headlong down another road of chases, fights, and flights.

Noah has a self-depreciating attitude at times coupled with subtle humor; this is seen in his tongue-in-cheek alias Sam Spade (who is a P.I character well known for his cutting and snide remarks aka snarky attitude). You couldn't fall in love with Noah Adams? A man of integrity. A man of action and compassion. A man of values, but still with his faults that humanize him. I'll admit there were times that I wished this character was real, so that I could smack on the back of the head or give him a really big hug.

V.B. Tenery brought to life the viewpoint of a man; tough exterior, soft heart, fearless, brave, and headstrong. The readers come to understand Noah's driving force; "the why" of his actions and determination. He is one of the few that is compelled to help those who need it, none more so than the children.

I loved this story. I loved how it all was woven together into this giant tale that had me wanting more of Noah's story to read.


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