Shattered Vigil by Patrick Carr

Shattered Vigil
Patrick W. Carr
(Bethany House 2016)

 Shattered Vigil is the second installment in the Darkwater Saga. If I thought By Divine Right and Shock of Night were superb, then I have no words for Shattered Vigil.

Patrick Carr has the ability to pull the reader into a new world and immerse that reader into cultures, beliefs, societies, and lands that are rich in detail. He uses not just first person point of view (Willet Dura), but also third person, to give the reader a dual experience. Let them know what is to come and what is happening, but to also be there, be that character.

When it comes to reading a fantasy novel, I want to be swept away with complex characters. Those type of characters where at times I will hate them or extremely dislike them, but other times where I view them as a hero. There are no stereotypes in this book.

Published by a Christian company, Shattered Vigil holds a multi-faceted story of the Christian faith. So many nuances and little sub-stories within parallel the stories in the Bible, and even the people of the Bible.

I was only disappointed one time in the book. And that was when it ended! The one person who was thought to be a phantom became real. I looked forward to the next book and need to find out if the mystery of Darkwater will ever be solved. Will Willa's vault be his undoing? Will the Vigil and the Urchins become more than anyone ever thought possible?

This is truly a book full of saints and sinners, but all one soul seeking truth. 

***I received this book through NetGalley in exchange of an honest and complete review*** 


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